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Truck Fire

Saturday, July 12, 2014   Station 30 along with Engine 32 were dispatched for a reported truck fire NB Route 13 ramp to NB Route 1. C-30 arrived and had a truck of a tractor trailer on fire. R-30 arrived and went in service. E-32 gave its water to R-30. E-30 also on scene assisted crews. 



Machinery Fire

Wednesday, July 9, 2014   Station 30 was dispatched on box 30-53 Ryerson Tull 20 S. Steel Rd. for a building fire. Car 902 on scene reported heavy smoke through out. C-30 arrived and set up command. E-30 Arrived an stretched a 400' 2'' attack line. E-98 arrived and prepared to reverse out from engine 30.  Interior crews reported a machine on fire knocking the bulk of the fire down with dry chem. extinguishers then soaking it down. L-30 assisted interior crews; other companies to open up large doors for ventilation.   Utility 30 brought the Super Vac SVU 50 fan for ventilation of the large building.  



Dwelling Fire in Fairless Hills

Sunday, June 8, 2014   Engine 30 was dispatched for a reported dwelling fire at 43 Kennedy Dr.  Police were on scene reported a working fire. Engine 30 arrived along with engine 31 and dropped a supply line to them,  the crew pulled a second line off engine 31 and went in service on the well involved trailer.  Engine 30 worked on scene for over an hour.  

*Photo from Sta. 31 



Accident w/Fire and burn victim

Tuesday, May 27, 2014   Station 30 was dispatched for an accident with fire and burn victim at route 1 north, north of Rt. 13.  C-98 went on scene with a car well involved and a patient with 3rd degree burns. R-30 arrived shortly after extinguishing the vehicle. R-98 assisted 30s crew.   



Marine Rescue

Friday, May 16, 2014   Rescue 30 was dispatched with station 98 on marine box 98-100 just under the route 1 over pass of the Delaware river. C-98 had a van in the river 30 yards from shore. crews determined the vehicle was empty and assisted duty tow with hook-up and removal. 



Stand-by upgraded

Sunday, April 13, 2014   Station 30 was dispatched for a stand-by of an accident in the area of tappy's tavern on old Bristol pike. The call was soon after upgraded to a rescue box with reports of the driver of a tractor trailer truck hit a concrete pillar of a over pass was trapped; which added R32, and R31. Medevac was put on stand-by. R30 arrived and removed the passengers side door and was able to access and remove the patient. 



Years of Service Award

Tuesday, April 1, 2014   Firefighter Ed Zeek received a Years of Service award at Tuesday nights Township Meeting. Ed has been a volunteer firefighter for 50 years and is still active, he started with Tullytown Fire Co., then joined Levittown Fire Co. #1, and later joined Falls Twp. Fire Co. #1 where he still serves today. 
-We Thank You for all your service



Boston LODD

 To Our Two Brothers in Boston that paid the Ultimate Sacrifice doing what they loved, battling a 9 alarm fire. -From the Officers and Members of Falls Twp. Fire Company;R.I.P Our hearts, thoughts and prayers are with you Boston. BFD.



Engine and Ladder catch work in Morrisville

Tuesday, March 25, 2014  Engine and Ladder 30 were dispatched with station 98 for a reported dwelling fire at 326 Melvin Court. D98 went on scene and reported fire on the second floor MOR townhouse. Ladder 30 arrived first with Engine 30 right behind them, Engine 30 dropped a supply line and went in service. crews found a laundry room at the top of the steps well involved with some extension. Ladder 30 laddered side A and ventilated. Fire was quickly knocked down.   



Accident with Fire

Monday, March 3, 2014   Rescue 30 was dispatched to Rt. 13 NB at Tyburn rd. for a Accident.  Deputy 30 arrived on scene with one car over turned with an engine compartment fire. Rescue 30 arrived, placed a handline in service and quickly extinguished the fire. all occupants were out of the vehicle. 



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