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Motorcycle Accident

Wednesday, April 29, 2015  Station 30 was dispatched for a reported Motorcycle Accident at Route 13 and West Trenton Ave. Station 30 units responded to assist EMS and secure any hazards. Rescue 30, Chief 30 and Deputy 30 were on scene, once all hazards were secured and the injured were taken to the hospital, Rescue 30 was released from the scene, Chief 30 and Deputy 30 remained on scene to provide scene lighting for the Police Accident Investigation. Fire Police units were also on scene assisting with traffic control.



Brush Fire

Wednesday, April 29, 2015   For the second time in two days Station 30 was dispatched to the Penn Warner Club for a large brush fire, units from Stations 30, 32, 33, 10,0, 98 and a tanker provided by Waste Management operated for almost 2 hours to extinguish the blaze which was approximately 300 x 200. Thanks to Ron Roberts for providing the photo's of this incident.



Spring Fire Safety

Monday, March 16, 2015   Spring is here once again.  Here are some easy fire safety tips that will help ensure a fire free entrance to this summer:

  • Smoke detector batteries should be checked, and replaced if necessary.

  • Smoke detector units should be cleared of dust.

  • Fire extinguishers should be checked, and recharged if necessary.

  • Electric wiring should be checked for damage, and replaced if necessary.

  • Electric outlets and extension cords should not be overloaded.

  • Air Conditioning units and electrical cords should be checked.

  • Barbeque Gas grills (including gas hoses) and propane tanks should be inspected prior to use.  

  • Never use open flame devices to strip paint.  This is very dangerous and is illegal.

  • Never burn yard waste or trash.  This is very dangerous and is illegal.

  • Windows should be checked to make sure they open and close properly, in case they are needed as exits.

  • Review your family's Fire Escape Plan.

  • Fuels for lawn and garden equipment, etc. should be stored in an approved container only.

  • Pesticides and chemicals should be stored in an approved container and away from children.

  • Swimming pool chemicals should be stored according to manufacturer guidelines.

  • Oil based paints and solvents should be stored in a metal cabinet


BBQ Grill Fire Safety Tips

Propane Gas Grills

  • Before each use, check hoses for signs of wear and tear, and that the connection to the tank is tight.

  • Remove excess grease buildup from the unit, to prevent flare ups. 

  • Periodically check the inside gas tubes for the buildup of spider webs that can cause blockage, causing gas to backflow into the control valves, where it could potentially ignite.

  • An orange flame is in an indication that there is an obstruction in the gas tubes that lead to the burners.  Flame should be blue in color.

  • When igniting the grille, make sure the lid or cover is in the open position. 

  • Never leave the unit unattended while cooking, and keep children at a safe distance.

  • Always shut the tank off after each use.

  • If the unit catches fire, do not attempt to extinguish it, especially if propane is burning freely.  CALL THE FIRE DEPT.  Propane will reignite with explosive force.

  • Proper location and placement of the unit is very important.  Keep the unit away from the sides or back of your home, as well as open windows.  If fire occurs, it will spread to the building.

  • Use common sense and read the manufacturers directions.

Charcoal Grills

  • Careful use of charcoal starter fluid is very important.  Follow the direction on the can and never apply additional fluid once the fire has been ignited. 

  • The use of an electric starter or paper is an alternate method, and pre-treated charcoal should also be used.

  • Place all ashes in metal cans.     



Ice Rescue Drill

Wednesday, February 4, 2015  Members of station 30 took to the ice for drill reviewing and going over ice rescue maneuvers. With just about all of our local ponds and lakes frozen over, it was an ideal time to prepare for the worse case and be ready. Sernarieos included victim down on the ice to fallen through the ice.



Fire Due Dwelling Fire

Sunday, February 1, 2015  Station 30 was dispatched for a reported dwelling fire (tactical box 30-23) 701 Bristol Pk. C98 went on location with smoke showing from the attic area of a 2 story single family dwelling. C30 arrived had fire showing and set up falls command. E98 dropped a supply line from the closest hydrant 3800' away, R98 to pick up the lay. E30 went stright in and went in service making a quick knock of the fire holding it to just the attic area.



Acme Market Building Fire

Saturday, January 31, 2015  Station 30 was dispatched for Box30-17 AOF 550 W. Trenton ave at the old Acme Market for a building fire. C30 had fire on the exterior rear loading dock. Engine 30 arrived had a hydrant in the rear and went in service. Interior crews had no extension into the building.



Burn Victim Airlifted

Saturday, January 17, 2015  Companies dispatched on tatical 30-63 for an extinguished building at grows waste water plant with reports of a burn victim. C30 reports fire out on arrival, 1 victim with burns to legs, hands, and head. Medics to fly the bird Engine 30 took LZ.



32 Split Rescue

Monday, December 1, 2014  Station 30 was dispatched for a rescue box NB RT1 super highway at RT 32. reports of a truck over and down an embankment. The truck hauling fertilizer went off the road riding the guard rail before going over and down the embankment trapping the driver inside the wreckage. C30 reports no immediate hazard from cargo.



Rescue Extricates one from vehicle

Thursday, October 23, 2014  Rescue30 was dispatched with station 80 for a reported auto extracation on big oak rd in the area of oak view dr. for a 2 vehicle accident with entrapment. Rescue 30 arrivied on scene and went to work removing the driver door and prepared for a dash push. photo from YMFC Jeff Goldberg



Accident with Fire

Saturday, August 30, 2014   Station 30 was dispatched to Lewis Ave. for a reported accident with fire.  C-30 on scene with a  car off the road that crashed into a fence and was well involved.  E98 arrived put a line in service and knocked the fire down R30 assisted 98s crew. 



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