Falls Township Fire Company No.1 was formed by 60 “Subscribers” all who were residents of the Village of Fallsington. On the 15th of March 1928, the subscribers chose the 3 original Trustees. The three were Albert S. Hibbs, H. Clinton Healy, and David Satterthwaite. At the same time they petitioned the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania along with Court of Common Pleas of Bucks County for incorporation. On April 13, 1928 in Harrisburg, the Deputy Secretary of the Commonwealth, George D. Thorn, certified the name of “Falls Township Fire Co. No. 1”. shortly thereafter on May 14, 1928, the President Judge of Bucks County, Wm. C. Ryan, approved the petition, and granted a charter.

Prior to the formation of the fire company, anecdotal evidence suggest that the Falls Township Board of Supervisors contracted with the City of Trenton, New Jersey to provide Fire Protection to Falls Township.

The first firehouse was built on land donated by Charles Satterthwaite and built by Bert Hibbs for $500.00. This station was located at 82 Main Street in Fallsington. This location is now a private dwelling.

The first official meeting was held on Monday July 10, 1929 in the new fire house. It was called to order at 8:00 PM by acting President Charles Sattherwaite . George Duke, President of Capital View Fire Co, Morrisville, PA acted as advisor. The first order of business was to solicit names for membership. 15 names were proposed and accepted.

The following were the first members of the Falls Township Fire Co. No.1

Bert Hibbs
Royal W. Carter
Paul Brown
David Satterthwaite
C. Hartman
John Walker
Joseph C. Winder
Charles Foster
J.W. White
Charles Ely
Charles Satterthwaite
George Duke
Si Roberts
Harold Carter

Dues were membership was prescribed at $2.00 per year. It was also prescribed that all meetings of the fire company would be held on the first Monday of each month.

The first truck, a Brockway Chemical, was donated by Union Fire Co of Morrisville. In 1929, a Model A Ford Truck Chassis was purchased for approximately $500.00. The tanks and body from the donated Brockway were transferred to the new Ford.

by George Drews.

The trucks served Falls Township until 1950.

In 1937 a new 350 gallon Diamond T Pumper with Ward LaFrance equipment was purchased and was in service for 30 years. The firehouse was paid off in 1937

The following list is the trucks we have had or have now. A 1947 New Ward LaFrance 750 Gallon Pumper. In 1950 a 1946 Chevrolet 1000 oil tanker was purchased and converted for fire service. In 1953 a Ford Van was purchased and used as an emergency auxiliary and marine truck. A boat and trailer and marine equipment were also purchased. In 1958 a new Ward LaFrance 1000 Gallon Pumper was purchased. In 1962 a 1955 used American LaFrance 85 Ft Ladder truck was purchased and completely reconditioned in 1970. In 1967 a 1950 Dodge Power Wagon was purchased from Yardley-Makefield Fire Co. (This truck was the first truck in the county to have a radio installed.) In 1964 a new American LaFrance 1000 Gallon Pumper was purchased. In 1972 a used 1958 Mack Pumper and in 1974 a new Hahn 1000 Gallon Pumper were purchased. Also two Ford Mini Tactical Pumpers which were put together by members of the company. The equipped price for the three trucks was nearly $100,000. A 1978 Hahn 1250 Gallon Pumper was delivered in May of that year.

The fire company added radios to its equipment in 1955. The old firehouse on Main St was sold to the Delaware Valley Rescue Squad in 1958 and on Feb 17, 1958 our present firehouse on Yardley Avenue was started and dedicated on September 19, 1959. Our Sub-Station on Makefield Road was dedicated on June 26, 1971

Our company has come in 50 years from a $500.00 firehouse and donated truck to a company with equipment and buildings worth near or over $500,000 We owe all this to the hard working members, Ladies Auxiliary, people of Falls Township and the help of our neighboring fire companies